In the process of film production and to maintain the quality of finished products at a high level, the enterprise mainly uses imported raw materials and materials (for example, Italy, Germany, Israel and Turkey).










LLC “Svetprint” uses the following types of materials:

  • biaxially oriented polypropylene film BOPP;
  • SRP special polypropylene, giving elasticity to the packaging;
  • SO3 of a mixture of two different polypropylenes;
  • Math OPP matt polypropylene;
  • Met OPP metallized polypropylene;
  • OPP white polypropylene white;
  • Al aluminum foil;
  • PA polyamide (for vacuum packaging);
  • Paper of various kinds;
  • PE polyethylene;
  • PE mixtures of low and high pressure polyethylenes;
  • PEARLIZE OPP polypropylene with pearly spraying;
  • PET polyester (for long-term storage products);
  • PVC polyvinyl chloride (packaging for sweets with a “twist” effect);
  • PET – twist;

Paints alcohol flexographic for gravure printing production in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine.

All materials comply with the requirements for packaging, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

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